Transforming relationships into revenues:

“All it takes is hearing one too many times ‘Where are the good leads?’ from sales and ‘You don’t follow up on everything’ from marketing to know there’s an opportunity for better alignment.”  

— Greg Forrest, Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations & Demand Center, Concur

Social selling on social platforms like LinkedIn have remodelled the traditional sales funnel, the impact has been so huge that businesses have scaled their enterprises from the large amounts of data insight points on the platform.  It has opened up businesses to a world of global connectivity and the power to leverage on solution selling.

  • LinkedIn’s Advanced Search enables the marketing team to identify key decision makers: Gone are the days where we have to spend hours on the phone trying to bypass the gatekeeper to get the name of the relevant contact that we wanted to reach. LinkedIn’s advanced search allows us to understand a company’s organisational structure, reporting lines and suggest other similar individuals who have decision making powers. 
  • Leveraging networks for introductions eliminates cold calls: TeamLink in LinkedIn Sales Navigator inherently encourages collaboration amongst team members within the same organisation to tap into each other’s networks, and whereby they can rely on one another for warm introductions. The cardinal rule in sales has always been to name drop a mutual contact, so what better way to start a meaningful conversation without even having to be connected. 
  • Prove your worth by participating in your own expert opinion; That means join in the conversation! Participate in discussions that are taking place on the platform whether that be on posts, blogs or videos. Find out what hashtags fall within your remit, look at which ones hold the highest number of posts, yet don’t be afraid to go niche too they hold just as much great value. This will start the process to find prospects in the buying process by identifying these real-time metrics and buyer behaviors, which in turn will begin to raise the conversation above opinion and emotion, and focus it on shared realities.
  • Understand your customers digital body language; Look at how frequently a prospect interacts with your company’s content, this is key to determining true buying interest.
  • Real time sales updates; As LinkedIn is a Microsoft based social platform, LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates with Dynamics 365. The integration now includes data syncing, meaning the contact and account records stored in either of these robust CRMs will stay updated and aligned with the other. Not only does this eliminate the need for data maintenance when for example a prospect moves on to another company but you are able to leverage on these real-time alerts informing us of such important changes to a prospective customer within our territory and in turn heighten our influence on engaging with our target prospects in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. 
  • Customers want problems solved, not to be sold to; Identify problems or pain points in a prospect’s organisation. Dynamics 365 applications powered by LinkedIn insights have elevated these insights to the next level and go one step further to proactively suggest relevant conversation cards to help personalise pitches. These data insights points are extracted directly from their profile and are based on their social activity on the platform such as posts they have previously liked, shared, and commented on.

How did you manage to transform relationships into revenues?

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