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Process Mining
The steps of process mining and how it can benefit your organisation

In this article, we explain the importance of process mining, and the steps involved in it. We have also compiled a list of software that businesses can use for process mining, comparing their capabilities and the ways in which they can be deployed.

Agile Introduction
Introduction to Agile Architecture

"Agile Architecture is defined by a set of values, practices, and collaborations that support the active, evolutionary design and architecture of a system".

When approaching Agile Architecture for the first time there are some core aspects an architect should consider....

Agile Deliverables
Architecture Deliverables for Agile Transformation

Do you really need Architecture Deliverables in Agile Transformation?
The short answer is yes. Often, organisations that use Agile to deliver large transformation programmes come unprepared and have to spend valuable time and effort in redefining processes and artefacts to govern the programme delivery. This is also true for Architecture teams that are used to steer far from delivery activities and spend most of their time in defining roadmaps to their strategic architecture vision.  In this article, we'll drill down in more detail on the Architecture and Design deliverables required to effectively govern a large Agile Transformation. 

Assurance FWs for Transformation ADDF and ADAF
Assurance Frameworks for Digital Transformation

Assurance, which is the continuous assessment of all aspects of the Programme performance is key to a successful Digital Transformation. Governance is the framework within which timely informed decisions are made. To achieve the Business Objectives, the Digital transformation Programmes must be assured by governance frameworks.

Digital Transformation for COVID-19
Digital Transformation as a Response to the "Great Lockdown"

After the Pandemic struck, the world reliance on digital solutions has increased dramatically. Many businesses that were relying mostly on offline channels and manual labour were brought to a halt. Businesses that were already digitally-enabled saw a dramatic increase in volumes, making some Telecom and Retail organisations live “every day just like Christmas day”.
Organisations see digital transformation as an effective response to this crisis.

TOGAF exam
Tips for a Quick and Cheap TOGAF Certification

For over 8 years the TheOpenArch has been offering the TOGAF® exam simulator with over 1 Million tests run on this platform for Free. Today,  we are helping you even more with your TOGAF® 9.2 exam preparation.  We believe that TOGAF is a very important tool for an Enterprise Architect and it should be thoroughly studied and fully understood. The focus of this article is to offer our tips to prepare for TOGAF® 9.2 certification exam.

Resilience FWs
Frameworks for Resilent Cloud Solutions

Migrating to the cloud is now common practice, but how can you make your cloud applications resilient to failure?

We’ve analysed a few frameworks that provide Architecture Best Practice for Cloud Solutions and listed here their core principles. Among the most popular ones, Microsoft and AWS “Well-Architected Frameworks” set out in detail how to successfully architect cloud solutions.

Breaking-down Silos with Digital Transformation

So, how can an organisation break silos between their business units?

Digital transformation is reimagining how people, data, and processes can create value for your customers and make you gain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. It allows us to fully connect your business to achieve a common view of Customers, Products, and People across all businesses and linked through a Common Data Model.

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