The Open Group ® has just released a new Version of the TOGAF 9.1 softcover Book that is sold at a price. All the available information are published at the following site: 

But le'ts have a look at what you can have for FREE: 

1) You can study the online HTML version of TOGAF 9.1 that you can find HERE

2) You can download a whitepaper that will introduce you to TOGAF 9.1.

Quoting The Open Group Website this will give you: 

o   An Introduction to TOGAF, an Open Group Standard

o   TOGAF, its structure and content

o   The kinds of architecture that TOGAF addresses

o   What's new in TOGAF 9.1

o   TOGAF 9.1 and Certification

You can download it after registration at The Open Group website from HERE


3)   You can download 2 whitepapers that will discuss the introduction of Enterprise Architecture in your Organisation.

Quoting The Open Group Website : 

This White Paper provides assistance in overcoming common pitfalls in the adoption of enterprise architecture, and will help to ensure that the enterprise architects are focused on activities that provide recognized value to the organization.

You can download it after registration at The Open Group website from HERE (first whitepaper) and HERE (second whitepaper)


4)   You can download a set of presentations from the Official TOGAF 9.1 courseware, these can complement your study:


5) And finally a set of Reference Cards:

As a general comment, the official TOGAF website some times can be slow so you could think the links above are broken but they are not. If you cannot download the material above, please try at a later time. Unfortunately I am not authorized to mirror this material on my site. 


Hope it helps!



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